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  • House Bean
    Bidjigal and Gadigal Land/Clovelly, NSW
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Project information

House Bean was designed for a young family whose keen eye for interiors fuelled LINTEL’s commitment to enhancing their everyday encounters with light, climate and space. The team sought to elevate the overall experience of being at home in addition to their updating of key living areas. Expansive brick screening was developed to unify the building’s Northern elevation, which is flanked by a long, shared driveway. This apparatus promotes access to natural light for the kitchen, dining and living quarters while ensuring that necessary privacy is maintained. Durable outdoor materials of brick, roughcast render, and carefully painted metal withstand their complicated seaside conditions while presenting an elegant face to the neighbourhood. Inside, warm and robust finishes of porcelain, spotted gum and brass welcome your touch. Scalloped timber panels are painted in fog green to echo the grassy landscaping, conjuring a close relationship between indoors and out. These specifications uphold effortless performance, candour and playfulness in equal measure.

“As the studio’s first completed project, House Bean offered up the means to test our core values in real time. The home provided a dynamic interface that brought passionate clients and talented collaborators into a year-long conversation. Prioritising this constant communication, we were able to ensure three things — that the clients loved their new house, that those who worked on the site could be proud of their efforts and that LINTEL could deliver a program abundant with architectural merit and a kindness afforded to the streetscape.”

Project data

Site type

Site area
248.00 sqm

Building area
102.54 sqm (area of intervention)


Design and documentation
6 months

12 months


Alterations and additions

Year of completion

Project credits

Project team
Project architect: Emiliano Miranda
Architectural assistant: Joshua Ho Park

Designed & Developed by Lintel Studio

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